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Low-tech solution in a high-tech world

iPod users may love the freedom and flexibility that flow from the little white box, but what do you do with those earphones? Wrap them around a few fingers and stuff the wad into a pocket until the next time, when the inevitable untangling begins anew? Twirl them around the pod and ruin its sleek styling in the name of utility while wondering what to do with the buds? Such questions begat the Cordster, which at its base is little more than a hunk of plastic with some glue on it. But stick it to the back of the iPod, and a little problem is solved. -- MICHAEL PRAGER

Available in three colors for $5 at, less expensive per unit for bundles of them. The devices, which attach via Velcro tape and can be removed if need be, fit all iPods except the Shuffle.

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