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Get your body in shape and prepare yourself for ourdoor sports and activities.
Stretching and strengthening

Photo Gallery Stretching and strengthening

Before you hit the tennis courts or soccer fields, see Globe fitness writer Bruce Cohn's stretch and strengthen exercises.
Photo Gallery Workout in 20-minutes
Read what some folks had to say when we asked them how they would spend a 20-minute workout.
Photo Gallery Boston Gym Guide- Health Clubs
Take a look at all the different Hub health clubs.
Latest Fitness News:
Fitness and nutrition message boards:

AIDS at 25

It's been a quarter century since the disease first hit American soil. Take a look at the history of AIDS.
Audio slideshow with Larry Kessler
Pop-up Audio Slideshow
Larry Kessler talks about founding the AIDS Action Committee.
Pop-up AP INTERACTIVE: Victims and survivors
Pop-up POP-UP GRAPHIC: Estimated total deaths
Pop-up POP-UP GRAPHIC: AIDS timeline
Four weeks of yoga poses
Watch these video clips to learn a new Pranayama Power Yoga pose every day for the next month.

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