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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

$21.6m in science grants awarded

The National Science Foundation has awarded $21.6 million in 42 grants to Massachusetts colleges, universities and one educational center.

The grants range from $125,240 to Smith College for a high-performance computing network to $3 million to UMass-Amherst for interdisciplinary research training in cellular engineering.

The Education Development Center in Newton won $199,891 for its program to encourage middle-school girls to see what it means to be a scientist or an engineer.

Here are the schools, awards, projects and directors:

Boston College
"CAREER: Land use, geological and climatic controls on stream processes in northern New England using airborne laser swath mapping"
Noah Snyder

Boston University
"IDBR: Simultaneous tracking of multiple particles in confocal microscopy"
Sean Andersson

"Bright field galaxies and their dark matter halos"
Tereasa Brainerd

"Influence of eye movements on visual input statistics and early neural representations"
Michele Rucci

"Collaborative research: Social organization, behavioral development and functional neuroplasticity in the Ant Genus Pheidole"
James F. Traniello

"Perpetual and attentional topography of human posterior parietal cortex"
David Somers

"Mathematical analysis of neural dynamics with multiple frequencies"
Nancy Kopell

Brandeis University
"Research in geometric group theory: Artin groups and automorphism groups"
Ruth Charney

Education Development Center
"GSE/COM girls communicating career connections (GC3)"
Sarita Nair-Pillai

Harvard University
"Collaborative research: Dual standards in affective forecasting and experience"
Daniel Gilbert

"Collaborative research CSR-EHS: Integrated power delivery Hardware-software techniques to eliminate off-chip regulation from embedded systems"
David Brooks

"Biogenic organic aerosol experiment in Amazonia"
Scot Martin

"NeTS-FIND: A network-wide hashing infrastructure for monitoring and
Michael Mitzenmacher

"RCN: Coordinated computing in structural biology"
Piotr Sliz

University of Massachusetts Amherst
"CSR-SMA: Measurement, modeling and analysis of large complex data centers"
Prashant Shenoy

"Terahertz transport and ultrafast detection in metallic single wall carbon nanotubes"
Sigfrid Yngvesson

"GOALI: Integrated product and processes design for emulsified products"
Michael Henson

"NeTS-WN: Collaborative research: Cooperative wireless networking:
Foundations and practice"
Donald Towsley

"III-COR: Searching archives of community knowledge"
W. Bruce Croft

"NeTS-NBD: Packet spacing in small-buffer networks"
Tilman Wolf

"MRI: Acquisition of instrumentation for a biofuels research laboratory"
George Huber

"IPY STEM polar connections"
Morton Sternheim

"NeTS-FIND: A swarming architecture for Internet data transfer"
Arunkumar Venkataramani

"Visual modeling strategies in science teaching"
John Clement

"CBCI: Fueling the future Fabricating new molecules and materials for renewable energy"
Sankaran Thayumanavan

"IGERT: Interdisciplinary research training in cellular engineering"
Susan Roberts

University of Massachusetts Lowell
"NeTS-WN: Collaborative research: Cooperative wireless networking:
Foundations and practice"
Benyuan Liu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"MSPA-MCS: Collaborative research: Algorithms for near-optimal multistage decision-making under uncertainty: Online learning from historic samples"
Retsef Levi

"Collaborative research: CT-T: Towards a more accountable Internet"
Hari Balakrishnan

"New tests for dark energy and modified gravity"
Edmund Bertschinger

"A convergent synthesis approach to the uranium-carbon triple bond"
Christopher Cummins

"CT-ISG: Applications and evolution of trusted platform module technology"
Srini Devadas

"HCC: Collaborative research: Social-emotional technologies for Autism spectrum disorders"
Rosalind Picard

"Terrascope youth radio"
Rafael Bras

"CRI: CRD Development of Alloy tools, technology and materials"
Daniel Jackson

Smith College
"RUI: A high performance computing environment at Smith College"
Ruth Haas

"MRI: Acquisition, of instrumentation for aqueous biogeochemistry
Elizabeth Jamieson

Tufts University
"HCC: Human-computer interaction and brain measurement using fNIR
Robert Jacob

"Neural substrates of perceiving status and solidarity"
Nalini Ambady

"CAREER: Interactions between error-prone and error-free DNA double-strand break repair pathways in Drosophila Melanogaster"
Mitch McVey

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Collaborative research: Nanoscopic metal-semiconductor hybrid elements and arrays"
L. Ramdas Ram-Mohan

"ASSISTments meets inquiry"
Janice Gobert

Posted by Elizabeth Cooney at 11:03 AM
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