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Monday, June 18, 2007

Today's Globe: coverage countdown, virtual explorers, sustainable toys, prostate therapy, autism split, Swiss healthcare, Umass biotech

On July 1, state law requires every adult to have health insurance if affordable plans are available. There are many options, as explained in this interactive guide.

Virtual explorers travel through time and space via an online, interactive collection of one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world -- the Old Kingdom Giza Necropolis, with its royal tombs, pyramids, temples, and other Egyptian monuments circa 2500 BC -- through the Giza Archives Project, established by Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in January 2005.

Toys, according to Sally Edwards, a researcher at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at UMass-Lowell, are the next frontier in environmentalism.

Also in Health/Science, batteryless flashlights and fertility monitors.

Fissures in the autism community -- where some are convinced the disorder is genetic and others blame preservatives in vaccinations -- have spread into the Wright family, founders of Autism Speaks.

When federal regulators delayed approving a promising new prostate cancer therapy, patients and the drug’s advocates took to the streets and to the Internet, mounting an unusually intense lobbying campaign to pressure the Food and Drug Administration to reverse its stance on Provenge.

Massachusetts isn't the first place to mandate that everyone buy insurance as a way to achieve universal health coverage, and it isn't the first to get queasy about seeing through that solution. Béatrice Schaad Noble, a Swiss journalist who this month got her master's in public health at the Harvard School of Public Health, relates the Swiss experience.

UMass is at the center of Governor Deval Patrick's plan to invest $1 billion in the Massachusetts biotech industry over the next decade. Success will require a single point within the university that is accountable for mobilizing campuses and departments to work with both each other and the outside world to leverage the system's impact, William H. Guenther, president of Mass Insight Corporation, writes on the op-ed page.

Posted by Elizabeth Cooney at 06:39 AM
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