Lydia Ruby and Cyrille Conan
Age: Both 33
Job: Gallery director and art handler
Residence: South End
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
Lydia: My new skinny jeans from Cheap Monday. I got them at Barneys. They're super cheap. For a fashion victim moment, they're a perfect price.
Cyrille: I would have to say that I'm all about accessories, if you hadn't noticed. I would say my hats. I always have to have my hats, they're from La Coppola. And my glasses.
Who's style do you most admire and would like to emulate?
Lydia: I like Chloe Sevigny's style, not that I would necessarily want to emulate it. It's her own and not something that you could copy. I like the idea of that individual expression.
Cyrille: I think Adrien Brody's got a pretty cool sense of style. The old French hipsters, like Serge Gainsbourg, also have a pretty cool sense of style. Both of them both have big schnozzes. So if I emulate, I think I'll need to get plastic surgery.
What does style mean to you?
Lydia: The capability of putting together an outfit that you haven't seen on a mannequin. It's not already a prepackaged look. That's a cop-out style. I'm more interested in seeing people who can mix cheap and expensive, or old and new.
Cyrille: I think it's about wearing your personality and being true to yourself. I feel like people wear certain clothes, and you can tell if they're trying too hard. Although some could say that about me looking at my glasses.
Describe your personal style.
Lydia: I try to buy things that I can see will translate well to another year. I try not to spend money on things that are made poorly, or things that make me look like a fashion victim, because I don't have any budget for clothing whatsoever. I often raid my mother's 1970s boxes of clothing. She used to make her own clothes. So I'll take her old stuff and mix it with something that's contemporary.
Cyrille: I like comfortable clothes because I'm working in a woodshop. I can't exactly wear a pair of Prada shoes and a nice shirt. So it's very casual street clothes. But I'll throw a blazer on top of it, or a nice hat, and something else.
Where do you shop?
Lydia: It's all over the place. Where do I have a credit card? Saks Fifth Avenue. Barneys.
Cyrille: I'll bet our financial adviser will be happy to see this.
Lydia: And definitely Neiman Marcus. We also shop a lot at Map in Provincetown.
Cyrille: It's never like "Let's go shopping today." We'll be someplace and something catches our eye. I'm like a Map mannequin. I've bought a lot of stuff there. Also Motley, Saks, and Zara.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothing?
Lydia: We only shop together, so I guess it would be each other. I don't ever go shopping without Cyrille, and when he goes with out me it's trouble. Big trouble.
Cyrille: She makes me return things.
Lydia: Bad things happen. Especially if he goes shopping with his mother.