Michael P. Ross
Age: 34
Job: Boston city councilor
Residence: Mission Hill
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
A pair of blue jeans. I've had them forever. I have other jeans, but I don't wear any of those. Only these. I wear them everywhere. I think they're from Banana Republic. I wish I could figure out what kind they are.
What does style mean to you?
Feeling comfortable, but appropriate. When I was first elected, I realized immediately that there was no way I was going to wear a suit and tie every day. I would have gone completely and totally crazy. But we're in settings where you have to be respectful to the duties and to the situation at hand.
Describe your personal style.
Building on that, I like to be comfortable, but that doesn't mean looking like an unmade bed. My advice is don't buy anything unless you really like it.
Where do you shop?
Clothes: I shop at Filene's Basement. The Filene's Basement downtown. None of the other ones. I'll go to Banana Republic. I don't really go shopping, I kind of stop by and check out things. I often leave without buying anything. Like if I'm walking by Thomas Pink and there is a sale on ties, I'll stop by and if something jumps out at me, catches my eye, I buy it.
Home decor: I just moved, so you're talking about big-ticket items. For me it's been more of "something borrowed, something blue," that sort of thing. But it's the same as clothes, buy only what you really like. I'm looking around for some things and I'll probably fill in the rest with a couple of pieces from IKEA.
How often do you shop?
I don't like going shopping. I'd rather go mountain biking. I shop if I happened to be walking by a place and if I have an extra five or 10 minutes, I'll go in. I don't have a heck of a lot of time to go shopping.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothes?
I guess I go back to comfort. I'd say I would take as the theme "Sundays in the city." To me, whatever people are wearing on Sundays is the most personal and often the most comfortable -- church clothes aside.
If you were making up this list, who is the one person you would include?
I'd put the mayor [Tom Menino] on the list. And [developer] Ron Druker. And Tony Nunziante [of the city's Office of Arts and Cultural Development.]