The Rev. Dr. Gloria White-Hammond Age: 56 and counting ... slowly
Job: Pediatrician, co-pastor of the Bethel AME Church in Jamaica Plain
Residence: Dorchester
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
My favorite outfit is a sweatshirt and jeans, no makeup, and flip-flops.
Whose style do you admire and would you most like to emulate?
No one person, in particular. I like a variety of styles and like to change up for the occasion.
What does style mean to you?
It's an opportunity to honor whomever I'm with ... to say that you are so special, I wanted to dress up just for you -- like for my families at my clinic [at the South End Community Health Center.]
Describe your personal style.
In general, I will want to dress so as to be noticed. Why show up, if nobody remembers you were there? On the other hand, I want to be tasteful, depending on the occasion. I like skirts above the knees, which is fine in some settings, but not when I'm in the pulpit. I find that paying attention to even tiniest details is what makes style a work of art -- the right stockings, the perfect earrings, matching nail polish, etc. For evening-wear I like contemporary African designs, which demonstrates that Western dress is not the only way to look elegant.
Where do you shop?
Clothes: Frugal Fannies, when I happen to be out that way; online -- love Barrie Pace; my African clothes are designed by Diana Chukwuka, an amazing Nigerian stylist, who now lives in Atlanta.
Home decor: I don't get to do this so much any more. I used to like going to auctions, once upon a time.
How often do you shop?
Infrequently. Given my current time constraints, I now hunt for specific items, rather than shop for whatever looks interesting and suits my mood.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothes?
My daughters keep me current with fashion trends; my husband keeps me encouraged!