John Malkovich
Actor and clothing designer
The men's clothing that you design has an elegant, retro feel to it. Is that where your sense of style lies?
Everything in fashion is a reference to something. You're always referencing something else. So, certainly its more retro in that sense than futuristic. I'm not trying to predict "Oh, now we'll have blue jeans with little ants on them, and you'll be able to feed the ants." That may very well be the case. They make pants or shirts out of steel now. They make them with bamboo. All interesting. My stuff will never be super futuristic. It will always have a wild-card element of things that occur to me at a given time.
But there is almost a Cary Grant quality to the suits and jackets you design. Is there an old Hollywood inspiration to your clothes? No, not really. It depends. I can be influenced by anything. It's not necessarily a piece of clothing. If I say what the influence is, people would never be able to see how that was an influence. They would find it torturous. But I don't find it torturous. It's actually unfortunate, but that's the way that I think. You wouldn't necessarily see my inspiration when you looked at the drawings. You'd think, "How is that based on blah, blah, blah?"