Anne Keffer
Age: 24
Job: Office manager at Toth Brand Imaging
Residence: Back Bay
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet:
My stovepipe Citizens of Humanity jeans.
Whose style do you admire and would you most like to emulate?
Mia Farrow during her Frank Sinatra days.
What does style mean to you?
The story of my life would best be told through my clothing. With that said, I've learned not to take life too seriously, and in turn try not to take my style too seriously.
Describe your personal style.
Deconstructed preppy. I love cable knit sweats, and Polo oxfords, but like mixing these traditional items with fashion-forward pieces and funky jewelry. Where do you shop for clothes? Where do you shop for home decor?
I love the clothes at Wish on Charles Street for special events. If I have limited time and need an item, I count on J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. For home decor, I like Anthropologie. I always find items there that are fun and kitschy without seeming juvenile. How often do you shop?
I try to only shop about twice a month, but in reality it's usually at least once a week.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothes?
I work at a fashion advertising firm and have access to every fashion magazine under the sun, so I'm definitely influenced by what's going on in the world of high fashion. But I only buy clothes that make me feel good. If you were making up this list, who is the one person you would include?
My friend, Lindsy Hively (receptionist and aspiring novelist). She has an irreverent style that can't be classified.