Gwen Butler
Age: 35
Job: restaurant manager
Residence: Boston and New York
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
Whose style do you admire and would you most like to emulate?
Hardcore skateboarders, but I don't try to emulate them.
What does style mean to you?
Describe your personal style.
Ladylike showgirl
Where do you shop for clothes?
Love the original Filene's Basement. I'm the best at finding great stuff there. Sample sales in New York.
How often do you shop?
I go on jags then I hit periods when I can't stand shopping.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothes?
It's subconscious; it's either armor or a costume or a disguise.
If you were making up this list, who is the one person you would include?
Tie between Eve Kohlman of Fanny and Delphine (clothing store at Hotel Commonwealth) and my friend Paula Bartlett, a lawyer with amazing taste.