Maria Lopez
Age: 53 (I decided that I'm age dyslexic, so 35)
Job: Television judge
Residence: Newton
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
It's my little black dress.
Who makes it?
I have a beautiful Armani little black dress. Actually I have several little black dresses. But my favorite is the Armani. It's just a very simple and classic.
Whose style do you admire and would most like to emulate?
Jackie O. She had her own style that was so perfect.
What does style mean to you?
It's a reflection of your inner self.
How do you describe your personal style?
Classically eclectic.
Where do you shop?
I shop at all sorts of places, particularly where there are sales. My second favorite four-letter word is sale. Locally, in Boston, at Tess and Carlos. I love buying clothes from Tess, and she helps me. She's wonderful about putting clothes together. It's like a real boutique store. Also at Alan Bilzerian. I go to Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's.
How often do you make the rounds?
Every chance I get. I would have to say that there are four or five times a year that I set out on a real shopping spree. But, sometimes if I have an hour in-between appointments, I'll run into a store and I'll find the most fantastic thing. I do it very unscripted. It's like a reality show.
Does your job affect the way that you dress? Do you have to think about what works under the robes?
For work I have a stylist. Her name is LaToya, a very sensuous woman with impeccable taste. She dresses me in these bright-colored shirts that were actually made for me by Ascot Chang. She took me there and had me fitted and had two-dozen different-color blouses.
Would this be a look that you would have been comfortable with on the bench in Massachusetts?
Definitely. This is even better. I don't even zip up my robe on TV. When I was on the bench, I could have been naked underneath, and no one would ever know. Sometimes I wished I was. It would have been much more fun.
What inspires your choices when you're out shopping.
I like things that are well-made and beautiful. I like nice fabrics. I like things that I find to be beautiful. It's usually feminine. I went shopping at Takashimaya, a department store on Fifth Avenue. It is unique shopping. It's personalized shopping, it's very zen. They have unique things there. I just bought a jacket there that I'm wearing today made of antique Indian fabrics and it's absolutely gorgeous. I hope Sony picked up the bill for that one. No, as a matter of fact, I paid for that one myself. I'm going to talk to my accountant about this now.