Gary Croteau
Job: Manager of Salon Mario Russo at Louis Boston
Residence: West End
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet? The practical answer, because I stand up all day as a hairstylist, is a pair of comfortable, good-looking shoes. I just found an amazing pair of hand-made shoes at Barneys.
Who's style do you admire and would most like to emulate? Well, somebody like Halle Barry always looks good. She always looks stylish without looking like she tried too hard. She always looks modern, but not freakish. Whatever her philosophy is, I agree with that. I do try to look modern. As an artist, my eyes are always open to new things. I embrace those things easily and wholeheartedly. I also don't want to look freakish either. Especially now that I've crossed over to the darker side to 40. I think she always dresses in a way that's indicative of who she is as a person. I try to do the same thing too.
What does style mean to you? I think it means a lot more than what clothes you put on your back. I think style is more about the attitude of how you carry yourself in those clothes. I try to have a very stylish life. I try to do everything with some kind of style that's indicative of myself as an artist. It's more about making it your own personal thing. I'm not trying to be stylish. I'm trying to do it in my own style.
Where do you shop? I love shopping at Louis Boston. Most of what I was wearing in [the Globe photo shoot] came from Barneys. I am definitely happy to have Barneys in the neighborhood these days. I spend a lot of time in New York and Miami, so I do a lot of shopping there.
Who or what inspires your choice of clothes? My eye is always going to be the most excited by something new. I'm always out shopping, looking for something that doesn't resemble anything I have in my closet. I just get bored with that easily. I don't like to wear things that are crazy and outrageous, but I like clothing that I perceive to be artistic.
If you were making this list, who would you include? Rebecca Milikowsky would definitely be on that list. This is someone who looks amazing every day. She approaches how she dresses herself in a totally artistic way, so I appreciate that. Millie Soloman always looks knock-down, drop-dead gorgeous. She wouldn't leave the house half-dressed. She does the look from head-to-toe. She gets it. It's always appropriate. For men, I would say Jack Manning. He's always fantastically put together and always puts some thought into his suits and ties. Everything they do, they do with style. It doesn't stop at their clothing.