Anthony Corey
Age: 45
Job: Designer of men's accessories
Residence: Back Bay
Tell me about your background.
I basically always had more of a background in art, and I loved design. ... To me [ties are] really more about pattern than fashion because I'm not dealing with silhouettes or things that come and go.
Describe your personal style.
I guess I would think of it as updated traditional.
How do you achieve that?
I think it's really just having an appreciation of tried-and-true classic design and then always looking for something that's fresh and entertaining. A room or an outfit is kind of a living, organic thing ... the way you wear it, or maybe the shoe you put with it, or maybe the sculpture you put next to that table. ... It's really just about paying attention.
What's the most indispensable piece of clothing in your closet?
You have to have a navy blazer. I don't really go anywhere without one in the trunk of my car. ... I'm a sportcoat freak.
Is there anyone who inspires your choice of clothes?
One person who I think has done a great job of reinterpreting the old is Ralph Lauren ... he does a great job with interpreting all different styles. And he started out just doing ties.
Whose style do you admire most?
Cary Grant. That's an easy one.