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The Makeover of Matt Light
Matt shops for bling bling
Will it be gold and diamonds for the Ohio kid?

When football player Matt Light strides into the opulent showrooms of Barmakian Jewelers in Framingham, Ed Bush quickly notices that Matt's not wearing any jewelry- not a watch, not even his New England Patriots Super Bowl ring.

"I'm the guy who's always asking other people what time it is," explains Matt, looking at his bare wrist. In fact, the guy is so jewelry challenged that when it comes to selecting a timepiece, right-handed Matt has no idea which wrist to wear it on. (The left one; opposite your dominant hand.)

Given that he's in a bone-crunching profession, Matt doesn't wear a watch to work. It wouldn't survive a single practice. But he does like the idea of having a stunning timepiece to show off to the guys on evenings out.

Whatever Matt's needs, he's come to the right place. Barkmakian Jewelers has been in business since 1910 and is one of the largest purveyors of diamonds, fine jewelry and watches in New England. The 25,000-squarefoot showroom is so large, in fact, you could party in it (which Matt intends to do when he holds his Light Foundation Casino Night fundraiser here on October 4. (See details, page 27.)

Ed Bush shows Matt a handmade Franck Muller watch in gold that retails for $23,000. But Matt nixes it. He doesn't like gold. Too flashy. Meanwhile Ed must search for a band that fits a wrist as thick as a small tree. "You're a big guy," says Ed. "You're pushing the limits for size, but we can always add links."

Matt finally chooses the Omega "Aqua Terra," an all-stainless steel, self-winding watch that's sporty and sophisticated.

Ed nods in approval. "It's the biggest face in diameter that Omega has." That's good for the offensive tackle, who has a lot of wrist to cover.

Watch in hand, Ed leads Matt to the diamond counter. "How about a little bling bling," he suggests, holding up a six-carat diamond that would light up any locker room.

Matt shakes his head, and laughs. There's just too much Ohio country boy in him to take the idea seriously.

But studying the gem's glint in a hand mirror, he reconsiders for just a moment. "I could rule the locker room with this in my ear!