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The Makeover of Matt Light
Matt goes to the spa
Photo Gallery  Matt was in good hands with the experts at Giuliano, Casual Male, and Barmakian.
From rough-and-tumble to spit-polished in a day

New England Patriot Matt Light did not go gently into Giuliano Spa for a full-body makeover. What 6-foot 4-inch, 305-pound left tackle in his right mind would? "I'm not the kind of guy who goes to a spa," he insists. "It's intimidating. There are a lot of women and a lot of foreign objects."

As in facial creams, hair dye and nail polish-not exactly the kinds of things that fill the alpha male's kit bag.

This is a guy whose idea of a manicure is to bite off a nail and spit it out. This is a grizzly who sports a beard so huge that shaving it, he claims, "throws off my center of gravity." This is a behemoth who looked like Gulliver in a Lilliputian land of styling chairs, mirrors and massage tables.

But for the sake of his charity for young athletes, the Light Foundation, Matt submitted to the poking, snipping and polishing of a team of experts at the respected Newbury Street salon.

He is handed a quilted robe ("This looks like bedding," Matt says, and takes to it immediately) and slippers. First order of business? Get rid of the beard. A few snips with scissors by hairstylist Becky Woodfork and it's trimmed to shaving length, then Matt finishes the job with a razor. "My face moves a little more freely now," he quips, exposing a Cary- Grant dimpled chin.

Next stop, a facial with aesthetician Sandy Paolini. Matt is fine until she begins to exfoliate his skin. "Is that No. 5 sandpaper?" he quarrels. What really sends him over the edge, though, is the euphemistically known procedure of "pore cleaning," which Matt bluntly identifies as "the squeezing." When the facial is finished, Matt declares it "relaxing and cooling," but adds under his breath, "I'll never do another one."

The football player seems grateful for his appointment with massage therapist Konstantin Selivanov. This is familiar territory for an athlete, and when Matt reemerges he's ready to face Mya Campbell, who is doing his manicure and pedicure. She proclaims his size 15 feet in pretty good shape and in no time has his nails cut, shaped and buffed to a sheen. Matt regards his hands. "Finger bling," he says admiringly. He wiggles his toes. "My feet feel liberated."

At every stage of the makeover, a little more of the metrosexual Matt Light has emerged. Now for the coup de grace: his hair.

Woodfork decides to trade mountain man ("an outdated look for the city," she says) for metro hunk by giving him blond highlights and a short cut with lots of texture on top. "Matt has such a bright personality, I want the cut and color to show off his features," she explains. When he asks about coloring his hair dark instead, she warns it would mean regular maintenance to prevent unsightly roots. Would Matt want to visit a stylist every six weeks? Becky doubts it. "I don't peg you as a regular," she says.

Sure enough, Matt's happy with the carefree look she achieves. "I love it," he tells her.

And then, pausing at last to admire his whole made-over self in the mirror, Matt Light deems his spa day a success. He smiles. "I'm a new man."
Photo Gallery  Matt was in good hands with the experts at Giuliano, Casual Male, and Barmakian.