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The Makeover of Matt Light
Clothes remake the man
Dress him up, take him out You can dress him up and take him out

Turning an offensive tackle like Matt Light into a stylish metrosexual is like turning a mighty oak into a flowering cherry.Nothing wrong with the original. In fact, some women prefer the scent of wood smoke to aftershave.

But Matt is willing to consider another look. We take him to Casual Male Big & Tall in Dedham, where they've outfitted big guys like former Celtic Tommy Heinsohn, New England Patriot Tye Warren and probably your cousin Vinny.

Our Makeover Team meets Matt at the store the day after he's had his spa visit to Giuliano. With a fresh shave and new blond highlights that accent the flecks of gold in his eyes, Matt is looking positively Newbury Street. Except for his clothes, which consist, as usual, of shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops. He is still a long way from style icon.

Used to fitting really big guys, store manager Meredith Parke is surprised by Matt's svelte appearance. He doesn't look like a left tackle. Usually weighing in at upwards of 300 pounds, Matt is recovering from an appendectomy and is well below his playing weight. His new figure is, well, appealing.

"I usually like earth tones," Matt tells Meredith sheepishly, "but I'm open to color." Taking his lead, the stylist guides Matt to a rack of pink shirts. You can almost see him recoil. Holding up a pink striped number, the Patriot stands his ground. "No pink," he says firmly.

Pink may not be Matt's color, but brown leather is. He loves the way a Polo Ralph Lauren lambskin bomber jacket looks when he tries it on. Paired with a light tan cotton sweater, it perfectly matches his size and sense of style. This is more like it.

"Big men like the same thing standard- size men like," says Ric Della Bernarda, Casual Male's vice president of marketing, who sees the big and-tall market growing daily. "Americans are getting larger." As a New England Patriot, Matt often participates in charity fundraising events, even sponsoring his own charity through the Light Foundation. For such occasions, he needs dressy, though not necessarily formal, attire. Meredith suggests a moss green, 100% silk twill suit separate from Axis®, along with a black cotton tee from the George Foreman Signature Collection TM.

Light loves the outfit and poses for the camera like a seasoned model, alternating bright smiles with sultry scowls. Although he's amazingly photogenic with his spruced up hair and stylish duds, don't look for Matt to change careers anytime soon. He's happy playing football, and even happier not wearing pink.