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The Makeover of Matt Light
A style-challenged guy
An interview with Matt Light

Makeover Team: Did you notice the highlights in your hair match your eyes?
Matt Light: Guys aren't supposed to talk about things like that.

Q: Did you think you needed grooming?
A: I take a flea bath now and then.

Q: What did you think of the pink shirt?
A: I wouldn't wear this on poker night with the guys.

Q: Do you take care of your clothes?
A: It's hard to wake up and iron clothes just to go work out.

Q: What's that tattoo on your right arm?
A: Immature art. A bad youthful decision.

Q: Do you have any fashion suggestions for your teammates?
A: My teammates should consult a stylist.

Q: Who is the best dresser on the New England Patriots now?
A: Tom Brady, definitely. But, Tom, you have competition now.

Q: Had you thought about fashion before?
A: No, and now I know why.