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The Makeover of Matt Light
Team Survey
Tell us three things you'd change about Matt's physical appearance.
Tom Ashworth, center: "His posture.He doesn't slump enough."
Dan Koppen, center: "Teach the guy how to shave properly."
Rosevelt Colvin, linebacker: "Botox those lips."
Daniel Graham, tight end: "Lose the beer belly."

Do you think Matt needs more tattoos?
Graham: "Tattoo the Purdue logo on his chest."
Koppen: "How about a butterfly on his lower back?"

Can you describe Matt's style of dress?
Russ Hochstein, guard: "Sloppy."
Brandon Gorin, guard: "He looks like a stylish hillbilly."
Graham: "What style?"

Would you ever wear pink?
Hochstein: "No."
Gene Mruczkowski, offensive lineman: "No."
Ashworth: "No."

How does Matt stand out from the rest of the team?
Colvin: "He believes he's never wrong."
Ashworth: "In what way doesn't he stand out?"
Gorin: "He sees the coaches as father figures."
Koppen: "He's too skinny."

Do you think Matt should wear more jewelry?
Graham: "Matt should get some 'ice' in his ears."
Mruczkowski: "How about gold caps on his teeth?"
Hochstein: "Earrings on men look stupid!"

Have you ever eaten anything Matt has cooked?
Ashworth: "Matt doesn't cook. He orders out."
Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham

Rosevelt Colvin
Rosevelt Colvin

Dan Koppen
Dan Koppen