Most Stylish Bostonians
Timothy Parent

Age: 21
Job: Harvard student; founder and executive producer, Project-East, an upcoming Harvard fashion show.
Residence: Cambridge, in Harvard housing.
Describe your style philosophy. It's very complicated. I really like emotion and when I walk down the street I want to get a reaction, good or bad. I would call it a subtle pretension and quiet confidence. Just something that makes people think. I'll wear anything to get a reaction out of someone, like [a pair of] high-waisted, wide-leg trousers. My best physical feature is my legs so I think that it's ironic when someone with great legs doesn't show them off. That confidence is very sexy.
Whose style do you admire most? Nicolas Ghesquiere, who designs for Balenciaga. The way he plays with proportions and consistently shows incredible collections. Even though he's designing for a big house he still keeps his brand very edgy and young.
What was the last piece of clothing you bought yourself? Yesterday, I bought a Commes des Garcons backpack. It's pale and it has painting of clowns on it. I like to put things together with things that dont belong on people, like old dresses on young girls or shabby clothes on affluent people. The backpack is childish and juvenile, which, I think, makes it great for college.
What inspires you in fashion today? Small designers. After working in a big fashion house this summer, I know how hard it is to survive. Really small houses with 1 to 10 employees -- it's so hard to get that started and then stay true to your brand.
Who in town would you nominate for this list? I would probably nominate my roommate, Baruch Shemtov. He's a tie designer and he started when he was about 16 years old. He sells on Fifth Avenue. He's not very edgy but his tie line is absolutely amazing.