Most Stylish Bostonians
Sam Mendoza

Age: 21
Job: Boston University student/fashion designer
Residence: Brookline
Do the clothes that you wear reflect the clothes that you design? I'd say yes, which is surprising, given that most of what I design is women's clothing. Certain silhouettes, colors, and even textures that I'm in the mood for I'll wear, and I'll also use in my collections.
So your wardrobe is either quite feminine, or your dress designs are masculine?There's the same attitude a lot of the time, and it's not a gendered attitude. I often feel like I'm the male counterpart of the female character that I'm portraying on the runway. A lot of designers have personal wardrobes that are blank because they're putting everything into their designing. But in my case, because I work closely with the people I'm designing for, I tend to take on some of those things.
Do you have a clique at school that is as stylish as you, or do you prefer to surround yourself with the fashion-impaired so you'll stand out from the crowd? I like surrounding myself with people who have their own personal style. Oddly enough, I don't judge who I hang around with according to style.
So you're not as superficial as I am? Exactly.
Is Boston University a particularly fashionable campus? I would say so. I think it's the fact that we're an urban campus and that we are centered on this very linear path. Everyone says that Commonwealth Avenue is BU's runway, and I think it's true. opt trim I've taken to very loudly commenting on people's outfits and complimenting them on Commonwealth. I'll stop people and tell them that I really like what they're wearing. I'm trying to promote better dressing on the street.
Do you use Commonwealth as your runway? Oh yes. There's a CVS on the corner, and I don't go to the CVS unless I'm all put together. Or if I'm going across the street to the park for a cigarette, I have to make sure I'm properly dressed. I get a lot of grief for that, because it takes me a while to get properly dressed. end opt trim