Most Stylish Bostonians
Mary Nobile-King

Age: "Over 25"
Job: Boutique director, Chanel.
Residence: Arlington.
Describe your personal style philosophy. I would call it classic with a twist. I love taking a classic look and just adding a piece or two to update it.
Whose style do you most admire? I love the style of old time movie starlets; Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn.
What was the last piece of clothing you bought yourself? I recently bought myself a knit dress for the fall.
Name one piece of clothing you could never part with. That one's easy though it does change depending on the time of year. I got myself a pair of Chanel black patent-leather, knee-high riding boots which I don't think I could ever let go of.
What was it that drew you to a career in the fashion industry? When I was little I would play store in my closet and buy all the clothes in my closet. And when it was time to get my first time job, all my friends went to go work at a fast food restaurant, and I decided to go work at a jewelry store. So I would say that was my foray into it.
Name one trend in fashion that inspires you today. My favorite trend right now is fur. I love adding fur accessories to outfits whether it be a hat, wrap or jacket. Luckily, we live in a perfect climate for it. Plus, I love the glamour of it.