Most Stylish Bostonians
Kristin Kim

Age: 21
Job: Harvard student; co-founder/co-producer, Project-East.
Residence: Cambridge
Who do you admire most for their style? I really like my grandmother's style. I take a lot of style cues from her. She passed away but she had this knack for wearing over-the-top costume jewelry and it was all about confidence. It worked on her.
Do you carry any of her style with you? I have a lot of her old jewelry which I wear it a lot. Before I came to college I was a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, but since then I've picked up a lot of her style. She was always very ladylike, and before coming here I didn't put much of an emphasis on that. But once I got [to Harvard] I wanted to dress more feminine: dresses, skirts, ballet flats. I guess I have consciously integrated her sense of style into my own.
Name one piece of clothing you could never part with. There are things that have been passed down to me that I place a higher value on. I have a hanbok, which is a traditional Korean dress that my grandmother passed down. Oh, and this incredible vintage Chanel purse that my mom gave me. It's black, very classic, with a gold chain strap. I wear it all the time. It has to be at least 30 years old.
What made you interested in fashion and design? In high school I was really focused on accumulating a lot of extra curricular activities and getting good scores on the SATs. I had a one-track mind to study hard and be the best student I could be. When I came to college, I finally came into my own. I became a little more adventurous and more confident. My mom had been a fashion-design major in college, so I've always been interested, but in high school, if you don't wear what everyone else is wearing you have a hard time. Now I wear what I want.