Most Stylish Bostonians
Jose Pascual

Age: 46
Job: Owner of Boxx Designs
Residence: Cambridge
How would you describe your style? My style is minimalist and contemporary. I like extremely clean lines and monochromatic colors. I don't have print clothing or textured sweaters. Everything is very simple. No belts, no stripes. Navy blue, brown and black are definitely my colors. Once in a while, I love a beautiful white shirt. I am not someone who would walk around with a Versace shirt and Donna Karan pants. I am not a billboard. I would never wear a logo. I love a good pair of jeans and a nice pair of sneakers.
What inspires your dress? I appreciate anything that is artistically beautiful. I am a furniture designer. As you see in television and magazines, the industry of furniture design completely blends with fashion design. Right now, it's all about monochromatic looks and minimalism. That affects my fashion.
Where do you shop? Once in a while, I go to Neiman Marcus and Saks and purchase one or two great pieces. I don't go around going crazy shopping. I don't buy anything that is the latest trend. I buy pieces that are timeless, therefore I spend some money on it because I know it's quality. With my type of work, most of the time I have my hands on furniture. I am carrying a piece or delivering a piece. I have to dress to be comfortable.
Who is your favorite designer? I enjoy Hugo Boss and Prada. I really love Diesel jeans. I have three pairs.
What was your best bargain ever? I found an amazing Gucci leather coat with fur in it at Filene's Basement once. It was originally $5,000. I got it for $1,500. It was a black pea coat. I still have it.