Most Stylish Bostonians
Ivy Lee

Age: 20
Job: Harvard student; assistant producer, Project-East Residence: Cambridge, but I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.
Would you consider yourself a fashion-oriented person? I love studying and learning about style. But I really like simple, basic pieces that I can elevate into something classic and elegant -- clean lines with feminine touches.
Whose style do you admire most? I really like Nicole Kidman's style. Whenever she goes for the glitz, her dresses are always flawless. And then you see her in casual clothes and she does it with class.
What was the last thing you bought yourself? This wool, double-vested coat that I found in Japan shopping at a department store. It's really different there, you can kind of bargain with them.
Name one piece of clothing you could never part with. My skinny jeans because I found the perfect pair by a brand called Ruehl. I have a body type that is hard to fit, so I have a hard time finding pants that fit right.
What are your thoughts on fashion on the Harvard campus? For the most part, it's a jeans, T-shirt, and sweats type of place, but I can understand. People are so busy with classes and work. But there are definitely a few trendy, fashion-forward people where you look at them and say, 'where did they get those clothes?' I think this college is very fashion aware, maybe surprisingly so considering the stereotype is that the students are bookworms. It might surprise an outsider.
What inspires you in fashion today? Right now I'm really into the designer Doo.Ri Chung. I first noticed her in Vogue where she was listed as one of the top newcomers one year and I've been tracking her progress. She's my style -- clean cut with feminine touches. What really got me into putting together this [Project-East] fashion show in the first place was to find more Asian designers who are up and coming like her.