Fernanda Bourlot

Age: 37
Job: Owner and designer of Simplemente Blanco and On the Side
Residence: Brookline
You own a store where most of the merchandise is white. Does that translate to your wardrobe too? I am not always dressed in white. But you will never see me in fuchsia or yellow. I wear earth tones like chocolate brown, gray and taupe. I wear basic things and add accessories like a nice necklace or a big bag.
How do you define style? Style is a way to live. It's not just making a room stylish. It's the way you dress, the way you think and the way you behave. You cannot be stylish in just one portion of your life. It's a combination of things.
Where do you shop? Around the world. I used to design my own stuff. I used to have patterns I made, shirts and dresses. Now I am very busy. When I see something I love, I buy it. Right now, I have many things from Argentina, Europe and here. I love Barneys. My favorite place here is Barneys.
How often do you shop? When I really need to buy something. I am not a compulsive buyer. I am low maintenance. You will never see me with nails. I don't go to the hairdresser a lot. I don't wear makeup. I am a pretty natural girl. I wear my freckles 24/7.
What is the most indispensable item in your closet? A black dress. I have so many black dresses. You can reinvent it all the time. You can add a gray necklace or add leggings or wear it with almost all of the colors of the world. You can change bags and wear it with heels or flats or sandals.
Who has influenced your style? I really like to be different. I don't try to wear things that everybody else has. That's why I make my own belts, my own necklaces and skirts and dresses. I am not someone who is running behind fashion trends.