Most Stylish Bostonians
Ellis Hobbs III

Age: 24
Job: Residence: Foxboro
Are cars an important part of your style? It looks like you dressed to match your car today. It's kind of funny. Without even knowing it sometimes I'll match my car. I believe that everything around you is an extension of your personality. The car is an extension of you, the shoes are an extension of you, the way you dress is an extension of you.
I hear that you spend a lot time washing your cars. I enjoy when people turn their heads and look at the car. Not necessarily the person in the car, but checking out how clean the ride is or how different it looks. I don't want to boast or brag, but there's not too many cars around here that are going to look like this [points to his Cadillac]. I just enjoy being different.
Is there one professional sport where athletes are more stylish? I think it's football. We're in a helmet, shoulder pads, and jerseys a lot of the time for our work. So if you have an opportunity to show your face you're going to go above and beyond. It's marketing.
Is it tough to be on a team with a quarterback who was named most stylish man on the planet by Esquire? I do my own thing. Everybody in the world doesn't feel like Tom Brady is number one. Everybody in the world doesn't feel that Ellis Hobbs is number one. Everybody has their own style and their own opinion.
How do you describe your style? You said you like to do your own thing. I'm guessing you're a little on the flashy side? You can say I'm flashy. I see nothing wrong with being noticed when you step into a room. Not in an arrogant, cocky way, but in a confident, proud way. I think everybody deep down inside has a little someone who wants to be noticed. Mine's just a little bigger.
You're obviously proud of the heritage of being Ellis Hobbs the third, or you just have a fondness for Roman numerals. I didn't want to be know just as Ellis Hobbs. I wanted to set my own pace and blaze my own trail. At the same time, the reason why I represent my name so well is that my father said, 'When you're born, the first thing you're going to be given is a name. When you die, the last thing you leave behind is your name. What legacy are you going to leave behind with that name?' I don't want to be the one person in the clan to screw that up. I want to be an individual, but at the same time I want to represent the Hobbs name with pride and respect.
Any particular designers who you favor? You'd be surprised. Some of my main designers have been Wal-Mart, Kmart, you name it, right up to the high-end labels. This shirt I have on now is an independent tailor by the name of Raphael. It's not the clothes that make the person. The clothes are just the tool. Kind of like an artist, the clothes are like the paint. But the artist has to make the painting. It's all about the person.