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Carolyn Berluti

Town: Westwood

Job: I'm a mom -- four kids.
(Her friend Karen Singer interjects: "But she's trying to be a stylist. CK Stylists. She's my partner.")

Why are you here tonight? We got an invitation and so we're here.

Who are you wearing? The dress is Daryl K and it's an Anthropologie slip. The shoes are from Louis, which I got at the 60 percent off sale. And a Balenciaga bag. I don't know if you should put that in though, my husband might see it.
(Singer interjects: "He won't see it.")

What's the best movie you've seen recently? I liked "The Departed." It was actually very funny. What about books? Are you interested in books?

Sure, what's your favorite book these days? What's it called again? "A Thousand..."?

"A Thousand Splendid Suns"? Yes, it's great. It's more from the women's perspective than "The Kite Runner."

What's on your iPod? Sometimes I take my kid's iPod. There's a lot of 50 Cent and Sarah McLachlan. Some songs I have to immediately click off.

(Text: Christopher Muther and Hayley Kaufman/Globe Staff; Photo: Patricia McDonnell for the Boston Globe)
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