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Style Spy at Nordstrom opening
Style spy
Celebrating Nordstrom
Fourth generation Nordstrom scion Pete Nordstrom welcomed guests to a stylish fete at the State Room Tuesday night heralding the department store's imminent arrival in the area. We circled and plucked out some of the more fashionably attired members of this well-heeled crowd.

André Leon Talley

Profession: Editor-at-large, Vogue.

City: White Plains, New York

Tell me about your suit. It's Ralph Lauren, purple label. Charvet Shirt and a Tom Ford tie.

Did you purchase this outfit specifically for this party? This is my summer uniform. I had it made in the spring for the summer season. I had the suit made to go to Paris to see the collections, and then to go to the Valentino party in Rome.

It's nice that you can get away with the same suit in Boston as you can in Paris and Rome. Boston is a very elegant city, and it's beautiful and historical. I spent the afternoon at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Yesterday afternoon I was at the Museum of Fine Arts. I particularly loved the Meissen birds. I'm having a lovely time at the Four Seasons Hotel. And I actually took the subway today.

Really? Did anyone recognize you? No. The only thing I don't like about Boston is that the padding in the cabs. If you're big, you can't fit in a cab. You have to sit sideways. So I decided to take the subway. The only thing wrong with Boston are the cabs.

Are you and Jennifer Hudson still friends? She received a lot of flak for wearing the gold snakeskin bolero jacket you picked for her at the Oscars. I stand by the choice, and I stand by the gold snakeskin jacket. It was designed with the dress. Jennifer loved the dress. She looked fabulous. I love Jennifer and she's my friend for life. I received a lot of negative energy, but not based on anything Jennifer did. It was based on a Hollywood standard that if you don't have a kick train, spaghetti straps, and low cleavage, then you're doing something wrong. Hollywood is not used to very sophisticated fashion.

(Text: Christopher Muther and Hayley Kaufman/Globe Staff; Photo: Patricia McDonnell for the Boston Globe)
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