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Monday, October 1, 2007

Allowance and chores


From my on-line chat that just ended comes this question from Bruce:

"We have a 6 yo son and a 9 yo daughter. We recently set up an allowance program for each where getting allowoance is tied to doing their daily routine (including getting ready for schoool, doing homework and bed time routeins.) We take away small parts of it if they do not follow the routine. What do you think of such a system? I am a little concerned about focusing on the negative (taking away money for bad behavior) vs being positive. They do give us a bit of a hard time with these things, butnot anything major."

I'm not a fan of tying allowance to chores. Here's a recent column on the subject, "Money for nothing? Even the experts aren't united on the value of allowance."

Posted by Barbara Meltz at 02:00 PM
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