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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ADHD hotline available for 24-hour period

Questions about ADHD? All day tomorrow, there's a day-long hotline and on-line chat where you can get your questions answered by doctors, psychologists and other professionals. Here's the caveat: It's sponored by Shire, the leading manufacturer of drugs used in the treatment of ADHD. That doesn't mean the advice isn't good, but it does mean that all the professionals who are answering your questions are receiving an honorarium to participate. The PR contact assures me that questions need not have anything to do with medication, and typically are very general. This is the 9th year of the event, so it's obviously worked as a marketing strategy. For the live chat, go here,, tomorrow between 8 am and midnight, or call 888-275-2343. Word to the wise: If you send in a question prior to 8 am it will go in a queue that will be answered after the event. Ditto if you leave a message on the phone hot line.

Posted by Barbara Meltz at 10:45 AM
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