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Thursday, April 19, 2007

True Confession


There's a stuffed animal in my life. Not just any stuffed animal: Bubie. Bubie, who went to college with me, and Kansas and California and Florida, Bubie who has survived several re-upholsterings (yep, those are my hand stitches). Sadly (he would tell you if you give him the opportunity), today he lives in virtual seclusion in a cupboard.

This confession is brought about by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz' book, "Dirty Wow Wow and other love stories." dirtywow jpg.jpg

The book, as you have probably guessed, is about the stuffed animals in our lives. Sure, our kids have them, but so do we, hidden from view though they may be. The Katzes, who contribute to the Boston Globe magazine, managed to find many cherished stuffed animals in many lives, some threadbare and others reduced to threads only. Judging from the stories that go with the animals, and from the photos, there is no take-home message for those who hope to buy a stuffed animal that will turn into a beloved companion. Like any love object, it's a matter of chemistry.

By the way, starting May 1 and continuing through the month, the publishers of "Dirty Wow Wow" are sponsoring a contest. Submit a photo and story of your love object, and win a prize.

Bubie tells me he is not interested.

Posted by Barbara Meltz at 09:29 AM
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