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Monday, March 26, 2007

Websites worth knowing about

With new websites for parents popping up as quickly as dandilions in spring, it's hard to know which ones to trust. Some are nothing more than glorified advertisements, others may have hidden philosophical agendas. I'll try now and then to screen websites with a sensitivity to objectivity and to what's developmentally appropriate. Here are two I like:


Lilaguide, launched last week, is hoping to be for parents what Zagat's is to restaurant-lovers by offering parent-generated reviews of products, services and retailers. You can search for your location (Boston) and then for subdivisions within that (western suburbs); so far, more than 5,000 neighborhoods are represented nation-wide. After than, you search by topic, from baby gear to zoos.

The Massachusetts Children's Trust Fund was created in 1988 as a public-private partnership whose goal is to prevent child abuse by supporting parents. Since then, it's become a national role model. So has its website which was launched last April and won a 2007 National Parenting Publications Award last week. allows parents to enter a child's age and then scroll through a menu of issues typical to it. If your child is 9- to 11, for instance, you can choose from a range of topics such as, "I think my child is being bullied; what should I do," to, "I think my child IS a bully; what should I do?"

Posted by Barbara Meltz at 11:33 AM
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