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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

April angst?


Interfaith families always feel the heat of the kleig lights on them in December, when Hanukah and Christmas fall close together and sometimes overlap. There's even a name to describe it, the December Dilemma.

So why isn't there April Angst?

Easter and Passover always occur about the same time and both holidays carry considerable heft, religiously-speaking (unlike Hanukah). This year, the first Passover seder is next Monday, April 2, and Easter falls during Passover on the following Sunday, April 9. Children whose parents are able to talk openly and honestly in an age appropriate way about how all families are different are far less likely to be confused than children whose parents keep silent on the subject. Even if religion is a source of conflict between you and your spouse, it's better to agree to disagree -- in a respectful way, of course -- than to simmer in silence. For more information on any Jewish/Christian interfaith family issues, is a wonderful resource.

Easter eggs and matzoh brei anyone?

Posted by Barbara Meltz at 10:23 AM
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