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Is her co-worker flirting?

Dear Annie:

How can you tell when someone is flirting with you? I find myself attracted to one of my co-workers. We joke and sometimes have heated debates.

I've been married for three years, and I'm a little out of practice. I can't tell if his friendly demeanor and extra-long stares are just him being friendly or a sign of something else. Even before I was married, I could never tell when a guy was flirting with me. My friends would have to alert me when it was happening.

What signs should I look for to tell if he's interested in me or just fascinated by my conversation?

DAZED AND CONFUSED We wonder why you are looking at all. In an office where male and female co-workers converse frequently, flirting often comes with the territory, and it can be completely innocent. A married woman should treat it just as it appears -- no more, no less. If your co-worker is looking for something else, you don't want to know. Stop playing with fire.

Dear Annie:

I am writing in response to your reply to ``Worried Mom." I was a ``good kid" in high school, but while I maintained excellent grades, my parents, to this day, don't know many of the things I did and lied about.

I consider myself lucky to have found common sense and a strong faith after graduating. I believe if my parents had been more consistent in their disciplinary efforts rather than having ``heartfelt talks," I would have fared better. Too many hugs and not enough action produce disrespect.

AWAKE IN THE WEST Heartfelt talks should not take the place of appropriate discipline, but neither should discipline be all there is. A parent who is too lax is just as ineffective as one who is too strict.

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