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Emerson College social media class aims for Julian Edelman and the space station astronauts

Posted by Matt Rocheleau  October 22, 2013 03:11 PM

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New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman said via Twitter he hopes to visit a class at Emerson College to talk about his use of social media after students fired off a flurry of tweets to attract the football star’s attention.

“lets make it happen,” @Edelman11 tweeted Friday morning in response to a tweet the night before saying “we want you!” by @vivalavivas, an account owned by Maria Vivas, a marketing communications student at Emerson.

Vivas’ message was one of a number of tweets students in Emerson’s “Social Media Marketing” course sent to the wide receiver as part of a class project.

The class has had success recruiting Pats players in the past – in 2011, then-Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco took students out to dinner. Last year, tight end Rob Gronkowski visited.

The project split the class into two teams: one had been trying to reach out to Edelman via social media to get him to visit the class; the other team has been reaching out via social media to astronauts in the International Space Station to get them to Skype with the class.

The class said they picked Edelman and the astronauts as their targets because “we’re impressed with their use of social media.”

The class called the competition “debate of brains versus brawn.”

“It’s an age old rivalry,” the class website says. “One is a NASA engineer, the other is a football star. But which is which? Astronauts endure numerous physical tests in order to endure the rigors of space. Football players memorize plays down to the exact formation, route, and snap count.”

Students sent tweets to Edelman and the astronauts using the hashtags: #brainsVSbrawn, #Edelman2Emerson and #ESMspacejam.

The tweets included a link to the class website where students posted letters, one directed to Edelman and another directed to the astronauts.

Below is a copy of each of the letters:

Dear Julian Edelman,

At Emerson College, we’re not a Big 10 football university. In fact, we’re not known for sports at all (Quidditch aside.) What we are known for is our award winning radio and television shows. Bringing innovation to communication and the arts. We’re also located in the heart of one of the nation’s biggest sports towns, and are avid sports fans ourselves. Not only do we watch every Sunday but we follow all of our favorite teams and athletes on social media.

You, sir, are a star on Twitter. You’ve got 112,900 followers, wow us with your Google Glass adventures, and post some epic pictures of cheeseburgers. We’re in a class learning about how to use social media and we’ve already learned more from you than we have from our teacher. But we’re not paying to take an onlineclass; we want you in the room with us.

So we’re asking you to come visit us for just one night and talk to us about how you win at Twitter. You don’t have to prepare a lesson plan. You don’t even have to wear pants. All we ask is you come to have a chat (and maybe some burgers) with us.

Ochocinco did it. Gronk did it. Now it’s your turn.

-Your fans in Emerson Social Media

P.S.- Thanks for helping my fantasy team.


Dear astronauts aboard the International Space Station,

In our Emerson Social Media class at Emerson College, we are learning how to use social media to connect with the world and beyond. Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter are only two out of the hundreds of tools we can take advantage of when trying to develop personal connections with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Since the International Space Station has recently gotten an internet connection, the Internet has the potential to connect every human on and off the planet.

You initially caught our attention by relaying tweets back to Earth. Because of that, our mission objective is to use social media to get your attention, and if you are reading this then phase one of our mission has been a success! The goal of this transmission is to request a live chat between us in our little classroom and you in your spacecraft, an idea that blows each of our minds. Using Facebook to chat with friends at our college is one thing, but talking to people in outer space takes it to exospheric levels.

We hope your space voyage is going well, and that the recent lapse in our government’s funding hasn’t stopped you from your scientific ventures. To reach our “Twitter Ground Control,” you can use the hashtag #ESMspacejam. Our Twitter engineers will be at the controls. Thank you very much, and we eagerly await your reply!


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