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Three local colleges among the 'ugliest' in the country

Posted by Your Town  April 1, 2013 02:28 PM

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Massachusetts colleges have been named to countless lists - most prestigious, most liberal, most ‘green.’ But ugliest?

The website BroBible has compiled a list of the top ten ugliest looking campuses in the country, and three local colleges have made the list.

BroBible says that because there are many lists celebrating beautiful campuses, “so naturally, we figured it was high time to honor the other end of the spectrum--those who are just awful to look at, and those who find beauty in being, well, not attractive.”

“Our list is basically a smorgasbord of aesthetic dissonance--from campus, to general environment, to quality of life, to places where you may need some goggles, to overall cosmetics, we’re proud to present what we’ve deemed the 10 Ugliest Schools in America,” the website says.

The title of the “7th ugliest” college goes to Brandeis University in Waltham.

“It’s just kind of all over the place--you have these modern looking buildings, you’ve got a bunch of multi-colored brick [expletive], and you’ve got a castle,” BroBible says. It’s almost like they decided to put the whole campus in a blender, but forgot to turn the thing on.”

Boston University edged out Brandeis for 6th place, for a campus that “is rather enormous and takes up a number of stops on the T, but doesn’t necessarily make anybody drop dead with awe. It’s just kind of there, like your very vocal Uncle. A much larger presence than it probably should be, and annoyingly in-your-face.”

The website also takes a dig at BU’s beach, writing that “if your school’s ‘beach’ consists of a small grassy area, has no water, and is located right next to a major highway, you’re not exactly doing yourself a lot of favors when it comes to attractiveness.”

And the No. 1 ugliest campus in the country? UMass Amherst.

BroBible blames the college’s ugliness on the fact that UMass Amherst consists mostly of massachusetts residents.

“This is a culture that EMBRACES ugliness,” the website says. “From choice of women, to the nasty gash from the bah-fight, to their general world-view, nowhere does ugly quite like UMass.”

This isn't the first time that websites have ranked colleges in terms of attractiveness.

A dating site geared toward college students ranked Boston College as the university with the most attractive men and women in the Boston area, according to the study that was released by the website in December. Professors at the schools that were featured in the report criticized the company for publicizing the data.

DateMySchool, a website aimed at college students and alumni, issued the 2012 Boston Hotness Index report based on data from the website. Melanie Wallner, a spokeswoman for DateMySchool, said when the report was released that the site calculated the ratio of the number of profiles saved at each school to the number of profiles at each school that had pictures.

Wallner said that although users on DateMySchool value more than just looks, they tend to filter potential dating partners based on appearance.

“The reality is that when our users are going through, reading someone’s profile, they are looking at the picture,” she said.

Sharlene Hesse-Biber, director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Boston College, said in a phone interview in December that the company needs to ask whether it is worth it to put out these studies.

“Taken out of context [the report] seems silly,” she said. “But it’s serious.”

Katherine Landergan can be reached at For campus news updates, follow her on Twitter @klandergan.

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