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Boston University's Funniest Student stars on mtvU

Posted by Your Town  January 3, 2013 10:39 AM

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A Boston University student and comedian who holds the title of “BU’s Funniest Student” recently landed a gig with mtvU, a 24-hour branch of the MTV network that is geared toward college students.

Cody Brotter, who studies film and television at BU, has been contributing his filmed routines and written sketches to the mtvU website for several months. His most recent comedic sketch, “Live-Tweeting From The Girl’s Bathroom,” was published on Wednesday.

Brotter, 21, said that he thought of this sketch while he sitting in a bathroom stall, and suddenly became fearful that he went into the women’s restroom. The short is written as a series of tweets, which detail Brotter’s fictional journey in the girl’s bathroom. (For those interested in reading the entire piece, click here).

“9:08 AM I should have known from the nice couches and the TV in the mirror. The rumors are true guys.”

“9:12 AM @Lawyers Is it illegal if I didn’t know I was in the wrong b-room? #NotACreeper”

“9:12 AM @Firefighters Can u send cherry picker to certain window if I text u coordinates?”

“3:14 PM Giving up. Last Tweets ever”

But before giving up on Twitter, Brotter makes sure to profess his love to country music star Taylor Swift.

“3:40 PM @taylorswift13 I love you, always will, always have”

During the presidential election, mtvU filmed Brotter interviewing for jobs with the resumes of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. His stand-up routines have also appeared on the website.

Brotter is not the first Boston area student to be featured on mtvU. In mid-September, mtvU premiered a series of quirky comedic shorts by Emerson College senior, Quinn Marcus. In these “Quinnterviews,” Marcus conducts impromptu street interviews with a wry sense of humor.

Brotter said in a phone interview that he tries to mimic the comedic styles of his stand-up muses – Jon Stewart, Greg Giraldo, and particularly Louis C.K. – whose routines, he said, appear effortless. Brotter has had the opportunity to work with Stewart, when he interned at The Daily Show.

In addition to The Daily Show, Brotter has written for The Huffington Post, produces an award-winning television show for the BU network, titled, “Welcome Back, Brotter,” and in 2011 was voted "BU's Funniest Student." He is also the Global Communications Director of The No Project, an independent anti-slavery public awareness initiative.

“When I was little I wanted to be ‘the everything man,’” Brotter said with a laugh. “And I think I stayed a little too true to that.”

Brotter said that he has been telling jokes for as long as he can remember.

“In nursery school, my teacher told my mom that I was like Jerry Seinfeld,” Brotter said. “I was making all the kids laugh in nursery school with a Steve Urkel impression and a Macaulay Culkin 'Home Alone' impression. I was obsessed with comedy.”

For his last semester at BU, Brotter will be interning in Los Angeles at HBO and MTV. Post-graduation, he hopes to continue his work with mtvU.

And as for Brotter’s long-term goals?

“I want to be the first bar mitzvah-ed host of The Tonight Show,” he deadpanned. “And make history.”

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