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Tips to take great travel photos
The way light is used in your photos can greatly affect the way it turns out. Having the sun in front of the subject could leave them squinting, while the sun behind them could leave their face hard to discern because it’s not well lit.

Shooting into the sun with your subject blocking the light
will produce silhouettes.
Sometimes you can use these issues to your advantage – taking a photo into the light, with your subject blocking the way can lead to some stunning silhouettes.

Using your flash in “fill” mode during the day can help soften the harsh shadows that may appear in directly lit images and give a more uniform exposure. Pay attention to shadows and other interesting side effects of light that may add interesting elements to your photo as well.
Get ready
Prepare, before you even head out the door
Paparazzi style
Shoot, and shoot a lot
Tell a story
It's your vacation, so tell your story
Capture the moment within a rectangular frame
A special angle can make your photo distinctive
Bright colors will make your photos pop
Lead the viewer through the image
Use the way light reflects to your advantage
More than just enlarging an image
Capture it all -- in one frame
Enhance and edit your photos
No need to keep the snapshots to yourself
Print the guide
Print it out and take it on the road

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