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Tips to take great travel photos
Story and photos by T.S. Amarasiriwardena, Staff
A vacation may be fleeting -- but you can make the memories last on your next trip by capturing the moment with your camera. Before you pack your bags and camera for the road, take a look at these hints, and return from a great trip with photos to match.
Get ready
Just like the Boy Scout motto, “be prepared,” taking great vacation photos requires some preparation before you even head out the door. Make sure that your camera is in good and working order. Give the lens a good cleaning and wipe down the body and controls for easier use.
With digital cameras increasingly becoming the tool of choice for vacationers, remember to pack along any cords, chargers and accessories that you may need to keep your camera snapping away. Bring along a couple extra memory cards or some device to copy the images while on the road. As alluring as it may be to ratchet down the resolution to a lower setting, resist the temptation and keep it at the highest setting your camera will allow. Using the highest setting will allow you to print bigger and better photos later.
If you’re shooting with a film camera, go ahead and purchase two or three more rolls than you think you’ll need. It’ll save yourself the trouble of paying exorbitant prices for a roll of film at tourist traps, or worse yet, running out at an inopportune time – and if you don’t use all of the film, it’s merely an excuse to take another trip.
Find a camera
Don’t have a camera, or looking to upgrade? These days a full featured digital camera is a relatively affordable purchase. Instant feedback and no developing costs will encourage you to shoot more often.
Check out our full featured guide, updated with the latest offerings in digital cameras.
Get ready
Prepare, before you even head out the door
Paparazzi style
Shoot, and shoot a lot
Tell a story
It's your vacation, so tell your story
Capture the moment within a rectangular frame
A special angle can make your photo distinctive
Bright colors will make your photos pop
Lead the viewer through the image
Use the way light reflects to your advantage
More than just enlarging an image
Capture it all -- in one frame
Enhance and edit your photos
No need to keep the snapshots to yourself
Print the guide
Print it out and take it on the road

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