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Six continents. Thirty countries. Two laptops. Come along on a trip around the world.
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Seriously, this around the world ticket is for you.

Over the next eight months, the Boston-based Longjaunt team will be traveling the world, and they're packing you in their bags for the ride. We invite you to share your photos along the way and tell your story.

February: Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil

long jaunt

Sunset at Farol da Barra

Join the locals for a breathtaking sunset down by the beach at Porto da Barra.
Blog Salvador at dusk
Tuesday night parties in Salvador

Tuesday night partying

Dance the night away on the dia da bencao or blessed day of the week in Pelourinho.
São Joaquim market

São Joaquim market

Taste local spices, juice, and fish fresh off the boat in São Joaquim's largest open air bazaar.
long jaunt

On the beaches of Itapuã

Spend a lazy Sunday with Long Jaunt as they explore Salvador's northern beach of Itapuå and tried a bite of acarajé, a classic Bahian delicacy.
Blog A lazy Sunday afternoon
Day and night: Bahia's beaches

Day and night: Bahia's beaches

Lounge on the beach and play in the waves by day then dance the night away to the tunes of Gilberto Gil.
Blog Working the beach scene
Dinner at a churrascaria

Dinner at a churrascaria

Dine out at a churrascaria, a traditional Brazilian eatery, where the Long Jaunt crew ate like kings (and paid royally too).
Blog Eating like kings at a churrascaria
Beach time in Salvador

Beach time in Salvador

When the weather is right, sometimes going to the beach is the most logical idea.
Blog Time to head to the beach
Settling in Salvador

Settling in Salvador

The trio take a two-hour flight from Rio and arrive in Brazil's colonial capital city, Salvador da Bahia.
Blog Exploring the colonial city
Trying to go to Salvador

Trying to go to Salvador

A flight from Rio de Janeiro brings Long Jaunt to Ipanema for a cloudy sunset and a new city.
Blog Last day in Rio

The marvelous city

Unabashedly called the “A Cidade Maravilhosa” (The Marvelous City), from atop Pão de Açúcar, via a ride up on a cable car, Rio doesn’t just earn it’s name, it sets the bar.
Blog Exploring the marvelous city
rio beach

Exploring Rio’s famed mega-beaches

World famous for it’s sunny days, white sands, crystal clear waters and expansive beaches, Rio has the ultimate in mega-beaches. Take a tour of the sandy fun.
Blog Rio's famed mega-beaches
Futbol in Rio

Futbol in Rio

Watch one of Brazil's biggest soccer games of the year. Put on your team colors and join these enthusiastic fans.
Blog Crowning a futbol champion in Rio
Long Jaunt

Visiting the City of God

Tour Cidade de Deus with Brazilian hip-hop artist, filmmaker, and author MV Bill. His work centers around Brazil's struggles with racism, poverty and violence.
Blog A messenger of truth in City of God
long jaunt

A visit to Mangueira

Groove to some samba rhythms with the legendary Velha Guarda da Mangueira musical outfit in Zona Norte (North Zone) of Rio.
Blog Old school samba
Ilha Grande

A morning on Ilha Grande

Catch a glimpse of the “marvelous” island as Long Jaunt departs to Rio de Janeiro.
Blog Departing Ilha Grande
Lopes Mendes beach

Hiking to Lopes Mendes

Enjoy the crystal blue waters and white sands of Lopes Mendes beach on Ilha Grande.
Blog Enjoying the crystal blue waters
Ilha Grande

On to Ilha Grande

Learn how the gang fell for a brilliant trick that left them $33 in the hole on their way to the beach island of Ilha Grande.
Blog Long Jaunt was tricked!
sao paulo

Samba in São Paulo

São Paulo's weekly samba jam features many local groups. Jam along to the samba beat.
Blog Enjoying the samba

A ride on the subway

One of the best ways to get around Brazil's largest city is the Metropolitano subway system. Hop on for a ride.
Blog Riding on the Metropolitano subway
sao paulo

Graffiti in São Paulo

Long Jaunt explores the bustling city of São Paulo. Catch some of the city's vibrant graffiti.
Blog Exploring São Paulo

Two becomes three

Mike Kurtz, the third Long Jaunter, meets the pair in São Paulo, where they begin their month long trek through Brazil.
Blog Adding another to the Long Jaunt team

On to Brazil

Just a quick bus ride from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, Long Jaunt enters its sister city, Foz do Iguazu in Brazil.
Blog Cross over into Brazil
Iguazu Falls

The magestic Iguazu Falls

At the border between Argentina and Brazil roars one of the largest waterfalls in the world: Iguazu Falls. Make a stop at this unforgettable natural wonder.
Blog Iguazu Falls
buenos aires

Back on the bus

Long Jaunt bids the enchanting Buenos Aires adieu, jumps on a bus, and heads north to Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina.
Blog Shipping out to Buenos Aires
buenos aires

Sundown to sunup in the city

Ready for a late night? Long Jaunt heads out at sundown to see how the locals enjoy a Saturday night.
Blog Buenos Aires nightlife
buenos aires

Drinking mate. Cheers!

You can barely walk a couple of blocks in Buenos Aires without seeing someone drinking mate. Enjoy a drink with Long Jaunt.
Blog Drinking mate
buenos aires tango

Care to dance?

Trek into a milonga (dance parlor), where late owls dance the tango until 3 in the morning.
Blog Dance the tango

A jaunt to Uruguay

Long Jaunt hops on a speedboat to visit Colonia, Uruguay. Join the boat ride across the Rio de la Plata.
Blog Visiting Uruguay
buenos aires

Touring downtown Buenos Aires

Explore the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and the historic governmental buildings.
Blog Downtown Buenos Aires
long jaunt

Colorful La Boca

Explore the colorful Buenos Aires barrio (neighborhood) of La Boca to see the brightly painted homes.
Blog Colorful, vibrant La Boca

Expatriate games

Six thousand miles away, the game is still on, and it still was no fun to watch if you were a Patriots fan.
Blog Watching the Super Bowl in Buenos Aires
recolete cemetary

Walking among the dead

Buenos Aires is divided into 47 distinct neighborhoods. For both the living, and the dead, Recoleta is considered one of the best to be in.
Blog Recoleta cemetery
buenos aires

Touching down in Buenos Aires

After hunkering down for a 13 hour flight, Long Jaunt arrives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Explore the bustling city.
Blog Traveling to Buenos Aires
long jaunt

Mexico City redux

Long Jaunt is hopping on a plane to head south for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take a look back and see how Mexico City has changed in just over a month.
Blog Mexico City redux


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