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Six continents. Thirty countries. Two laptops. Come along on a trip around the world.
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Seriously, this around the world ticket is for you.

Over the next eight months, the Boston-based Longjaunt team will be traveling the world, and they're packing you in their bags for the ride. We invite you to share your photos along the way and tell your story.

May and June: Middle East

Doha or disney?

Walk around Doha

On their trip from Syria to Sri Lanka, our travelers took advantage of a long layover in the Persian Gulf to explore Doha, Qatar.
Blog Doha or Disney?
Ghosts of the Golan Heights

Ghosts of the Golan Heights

Longjaunt explores the remains of the once prosperous town of Quneitra, destroyed by the Israeli military during Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.
Blog Ghost town of Quneitra
Damascus' Old City

Damascus' Old City

Discover the vibrant buzz of Damascus, one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, with our travelers.
Blog Exploring the Old City
back to syria

Leaving Beirut

Although their visit was only seven days long, our travelers saw Lebanon go through quite a bit of change.
Blog Heading back to Syria
the celebration continues

The celebration continues

On the heels of a fresh power-sharing agreement and the election of a new president, the Lebanese continue to celebrate their new found peace.
Blog More celebrating
partying in the streets

Celebrating change

In just a few days the fighting in the streets of Lebanon turned into partying after the election of a new president.
Blog Partying in the streets
to the beach

Beirut beaches

LongJaunt relax poolside at one of Beirut's beach clubs.
Blog To the beach

A slice of Lebanon

Rising early to squeeze in as many different sides of Lebanon as humanly possible, our travelers start their day with a visit to the ancient Roman ruins at Baalbek.
Blog The different sides of Lebanon

Meet the people of Beirut

Lebanon is home to at least 19 different ethnicities and its capital city, Beirut, is no different. Explore the neighborhoods with our travelers.
Blog The neighborhoods of Beirut
Finally, Beirut

Finally, Beirut

Our travelers get to Beirut -- just days removed from civil war and discover a changing political landscape.
Blog Beirut's changing events
Beirut or bust

Beirut or bust

Initially hesitant to visit Lebanon, LongJaunt presses on to Beirut after hearing that fighting has ceased.
Blog Take a taxi to Beirut
Border run

Border run

LongJaunt heads to the Turkish-Syrian border crossing called Bab Al-Hawa in hope of heading to their next destination.
Blog On to Syria