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Six continents. Thirty countries. Two laptops. Come along on a trip around the world.
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Seriously, this around the world ticket is for you.

Over the next eight months, the Boston-based Longjaunt team will be traveling the world, and they're packing you in their bags for the ride. We invite you to share your photos along the way and tell your story.

January: Mexico

mexico city

The best of Mexico City

A quarter of the way through their trip, the Longjaunt team reflects on their journey so far, including their love for Mexico City, a glittery capital city with no shortage of culture.
long jaunt

Chinese food in Mexico?

Authentic Cantonese Chinese food in Mexico? Experience the flavors of China with Long Jaunt during their final meal in Mexico.
Blog Last meal in Mexico: Chinese food

City of ruins

The ancient city of Palenque still serves as the home to crumbling Mayan ruins leftover from 800 A.D.
Blog The city in the trees: Palenque

Palm trees and sunsets

LongJaunt does the relaxing for you by taking in a sunset and relaxing on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
Blog Lazy beach day

A city rebuilds itself

Visit the "beautiful village" Villahermosa and watch as the town begins to rebuild itself following a flood.
Blog The recovering city of Villahermosa

Life at the Zocalo

Fancy Mexican drinks, ornate architecture and always entertaining street musicians can all be found in Oaxaca's center zócalo.
Blog Life at the Zocalo
Oaxacan culinary adventures

Oaxacan culinary adventures

LongJaunt went on an Oaxacan food binge that filled their stomachs to the brim. From grasshoppers to chocolate to mezcal, give your taste buds a treat.
Blog Sips and snacks in Oaxaca
Get a close shave

Get a close shave

After more than a week on the road, the grizzled look Long Jaunt has grown had to go. Get a close shave in Mexico.
Photos Chinese food in Mexico?
Fight night

Fight night

What happens when you combine a circus, a soap opera and dirty punches? You get Lucha Libre (free fight). Pick a fighter and see how they fare.
Blog Fight night - Lucha libre wrestling

Exploring Puebla

See how Spanish, German, and Lebanese heritage make for a vibrant, eclectic cityscape that should not be missed in Puebla.
Blog Exploring Puebla
salsa dancing

Learning to dance the salsa

Spicy like it’s namesake, salsa dancing features fast feet, gyrating hips, and a hypnotic beat. Work those quick feet and take a salsa lesson.
Blog Care to dance?
mariachi band

Jam along with the mariachi bands

Forget the DJ and hire a mariachi band for your next party. Head to Plaza Garibaldi and find a band of your liking.
Blog The bands of Plaza Garibaldi
mexico city architecture

Exploring Mexico City's architecture

Mexico City’s architecture ranges from ancient to the ornate to the extravagant. Catch some stellar views from Mexico City.
Blog Bellas Artes and a beautiful view
mexico city ice skating

Ice skating on the Zócalo

Mexico City’s sprawling Zócalo is usually just a breathtaking square where history and human bustle meet. Now it's for first-time ice skaters. Take a spin on one of the world's largest rinks.
Blog Ice skating in Mexico?


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monarch penguins

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