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Six continents. Thirty countries. Two laptops. Come along on a trip around the world.
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Seriously, this around the world ticket is for you.

Over the next eight months, the Boston-based Longjaunt team will be traveling the world, and they're packing you in their bags for the ride. We invite you to share your photos along the way and tell your story.

January: Central America


The best of Central America and Mexico

Though Central America may look small on a map in comparison to the two mammoth continents it links up, make no mistake, the region is packed with things to do.
rain forest in costa rica

Exploring Costa Rica's rain forest

It covers about a third of the country, and boasts more than 6,000 varieties of plants...and lots of mosquitoes.
Blog At long last we made it

Surfing Costa Rica's Pacific coast

Escape your desk and grab a board with the Long Jaunt team.
Blog Riding the waves in Jaco
long jaunt

Rock bottom

After a disappointing day in Central America, Long Jaunt drowns their sorrows in some local beer.
Blog San Jose 2, Long Jaunt 0

Busing between cultures

It is around 9:45, and I am perched on the edge of a bus seat, two fellow passengers to my left and three to my right. Thushan and I are on a “chicken bus”...
long jaunt

Down in San Jose

Long Jaunt's arrival in San Jose was a bit rocky with lost possessions and a rough day. Take a walk through the quiet downtown area.
Blog Down but not out, in San José
long jaunt

Leaving Isla Ometepe

Hop in a boat and take a queasy ride back to the mainland to prepare for the Costa Rican border.
Blog Saying goodbye to Isla Ometepe
long jaunt

Climbing Volcan Maderas

Long Jaunt ascends Isla de Omitepe’s oldest volcano, Maderas. Watch as they slog through mud, rain forests, and rocky scrambles.
Blog Hiking up Volcan Maderas
long jaunt

Feel the magic of Isla de Ometepe

Imagine an island in the middle of a lake formed by two volcanoes. Sounds like something straight out of a story book doesn’t it? See the idyllic Isla de Ometepe.
Blog Isla de Ometepe
long juant

Another day, another bus

Long Jaunt has caught a ride from San Salvador, El Salvador, to Nicaragua and is sick of bus traveling. But the sight at the end of it is worth it. Grab a seat on the journey.
Blog El Salvador to Nicaragua by bus
long jaunt

Catching a bus to El Salvador

Long Jaunt hops on another long distance bus to begin their bolt from Guatemala to El Salvador.
Blog Leaving Guatemala for El Salvador
long jaunt

Take a tour of Lago Atitlan

Long Jaunt hopped on a chicken bus to Central America’s deepest lake. Lago Atitlan is picture perfect with its conical volcanoes.
Blog What a sight: Lago Atitlan
long jaunt

Down time in Quetzaltenango

Long Jaunt decided to take it easy on their final day in Quetzaltenango. Enjoy their lazy Sunday.
Blog Take a chill pill in Quetzaltenango
long jaunt

Saturday is for futbol

If Sundays are for football in the United States, then in Guatemala, Saturday is for futbol. Let's kick the ball around.
Blog Catch Guatemala's favorite sport
long jaunt

Bag of Beans

After a bumpy start, Long Jaunt arrived at a coffee farm in the highlands of northern Guatemala to get the low down on what makes the familiar brown bean.
Blog Visiting a coffee farm
long jaunt

Taking a hot dip

Guatemala is ripe with volcanic activity, leading to some impressive live volcanoes and mineral baths in Fuentes Georginas. Jump in and relax.
Blog Taking a dip at Fuentes Georginas
long jaunt

Border crossing into Guatemala

After an endless string of buses, minibuses, and cars, Long Jaunt arrives in Guatemala. Cross the border and explore the new city of Quetzaltenango.
Blog Twenty hours later: The view from Guatemala


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