‘The Topless Tour’ Takes Off Online, Hits Massachusetts

Three women are inspiring travelers to take off their tops at tourist spots around the world and post the photos online. Welcome to “The Topless Tour.”

The women, Olivia Edginton, Lydia Buckler, and Ingvild Marstein Olsen, are students and roommates at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance in London. And they’re keeping it modest in their photos, only showing their bare backs.

They describe the movement on their Facebook page, which has more than 6,400 likes, in the following way: “The Topless Tour: uniting people across the globe to feel the freedom and share their beauty with the world.”

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Edginton, 20, told the Daily Mail, “The Topless Tour is the opening of your bare chest and heart to the world.”

They’ve gained more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and folks from more than 28 countries have joined the fun, posting their own topless shots on the group’s Facebook page.

We spotted this topless photo from Gloucester:

Here’s a topless fan bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps:

Here’s a topless pair in Spain:

And it’s not just the ladies who are taking it off. Guys are getting in on the fun too:

The founders have posed topless in places like New York, Berlin, and London. Next up? Norway, Croatia, and Sweden.

What do their parents think? Said Edington to the Daily Mail, “Everyone is very proud of the message, our parents think it’s really refreshing for young women to be embracing who they are and love for their body. It is something we don’t hear enough about these days.”

Are you ready to hop on The Topless Tour?