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Deflategate Distracts From Winter XGames


By Heather Burke, Correspondent

There’s this rather significant ski and snowboard event called the Winter XGames going on in Aspen, but sports and news media are more interested in covering potential football tampering. What’s wrong with this picture? Top ski and snowboard athletes of the world are blowing up huge tricks in the super pipe, slopestyle and big air, but all the media is covering is the air in the Patriots footballs.

In other sports news, Lindsey Vonn won her 63rd World Cup ski race this week, making her the most winning alpine skier in the world. That would seem newsworthy too, but the media is more focused on Tiger Woods losing a tooth at the awards arena in Cortina.

I don’t get it. I will be watching the Winter XGames at Aspen, if I can find coverage. How cool to see Lindsey Jaobellis get a ninth Gold in Women’s Snowboarder Cross, watch Sage Kotsenburg go big in Snowboard Big Air, witness Maine’s Seth Wescott's comeback in Men’s Snowboard Cross, and Simon Dumont, the godfather of free skiing, competing fresh out of wrist surgery in what may be his last XGames Ski Superpipe. I also want to watch the Olympic podium pals from Sochi -- Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper go at it in Ski Slopestyle.

The Winter XGames have an undeniable history of shaping the future of snow sports with trend setting stunts. All the big name skiers and snowboarders, Olympic medalists and brand new contenders, are going big on Aspen’s Buttermilk snow stage. I hope ESPN takes a break from Belichick and Brady and #DeflateGate to cover some skiing and snowboarding this weekend.

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