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Picabo Street - Road to Sochi

Who better to chat with about the #RoadtoSochi than three time Olympic skier and Gold medalist, Picabo Street?

Picabo knows all about the pressure that Lindsey Vonn felt when she announced Tuesday she would not compete in the Olympics, and what Seth picabo street.jpgWescott faces as he defends Gold at Russia's Winter Olympics with recent injury fresh in his mind. Street won Super G Gold at Nagano 14 months after serious injury.

"It's really tough being hurt as an athlete. My setbacks were a time when I learned the most about myself, it's when you rise up. You learn to overcome, to sacrifice, to be strategic. You make your plan of attack, and focus on things in your control, not those things that are out of your control. One of the hardest things is being patient, you have to climb every step of the ladder, you can't skip a step, and you don't want a setback. I am so excited for Seth Wescott, he has the chance to triple (a third Olympic Gold medal in snowboard cross) at Sochi."

Unfortunately Vonn did not have the time to recover, with no ACL just a month out, for Sochi.

Picabo said she's excited to watch Jessica Jerome and Lindsey Van in the first ever Women's Olympic Nordic Ski Jumping and Rico Roman - the military veteran double amputee competing on the U.S. Paralympics Sled Hockey Team with two fellow soldiers.

Street will be in Boston this Friday-Sunday as part of Liberty Mutual's #RoadtoSochi. Following that US Tour, Street will be in Sochi broadcasting for Fox.

"I am so honored to be going to Sochi. I love our Olympians, they are such better role models than what you see on TV or online, they work hard, show incredible discipline, dedication, and want to represent their country in the best possible light. There is so much pride and pressure. I love that our U.S. athletes are competing on foreign soil, we kind of get nauseated by the European white tour. Sochi, like Nagano, levels the playing field as new terrain. Russia is kind of scary, but the alpine venues at Sochi are fantastic and our skiers have already done well there. We have a lot of medals to win, we won a bunch in Vancouver."

Picabo describes the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, "You are bubbling with pride and joy. The energy is almost breathtaking, it's like skiing powder and you get the big poof of snow in your mouth, that's the feeling you get."

You have your chance to meet Picabo Street, part of the Road to Sochi Tour sponsored by Liberty Mutual, in Boston Jan 10, 11-5, at Boston Common Frog Pond. For more Olympic inspiration, watch Picabo Street's video, RISE.

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