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The Beast is winning, still spinning!

killington-umbrella-bars.jpgThe Beast of the East, Killington Vermont, wins the last ski resort spinning award again this spring. All the other big dogs of late season skiing have closed, most recently Sugarloaf and Sugarbush last weekend. While Killington is closed midweek, they plan to run the Superstar Express Quad with advanced ski terrain Friday - Sunday every weekend through June 2 if the snow allows. Lift tickets are $39, and if you present a ski pass or ticket from another resort you get 50% off Friday's ticket, 25% off Saturday and Sunday.

Killington was first to open this ski season as well, on Oct 13 exclusively to passholders. The last time Killington stayed open into June was June 1, 2002. The latest the Beast has been open was June 22, 1997 with that year's bounty of 301-inches of snow. This year's snow accumulation is at about 250-inches.

For decades Killington was The Beast with the longest ski season in the East, then Sugarloaf, Sunday River, and even Jay Peak, gave it a run. Looks like the Beast is back, and the European style umbrella bars, added in 2011 after Irene damaged the Superstar Pub, are the perfect complement to spring skiing.

Enjoy it while it lasts...heather_spring_slush.jpg

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