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High Five for Honesty in Ski Country

I have to give props to Jay Peak for their Facebook post today. Ski resorts love to post powder shots, big base depths reports, corduroy profiles, and sunny pics on spring days. But it's rare to see a sincere "hey - the skiing is not that great today" kind of blog, including references to fog, clouds, wind, etc. If you are not obsessed with social media for your ski info, like me, here is Jay Peak's Facebook post:

Dear guests,
If you'd like to see my best side, today you won't be viewing it. I'm just not feeling like myself- foggy, congested with a cloudy head and minor fever. If you'd like to come visit anyway and keep an old friend company, your time here is always valued dearly. I should return to my cool self in a day or so.
Sincerely, Jay Peak

Warm temps, wet premature snow and wind holds are an issue around New England today.

See you on the slopes, maybe tomorrow!

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