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More snow Q'd up, you're welcome.

saddleback-sundayriver.jpgAt the risk of jinxing this plentiful snow season, let me just say "what a winter!" Ski resorts keep getting fresh coatings of snow. We are heading into a third consecutive weekend with a winter snow storm in the works.

This week was President's holiday and school vacation for many, and the mountains had ideal powder conditions. For the record, I asked for this in my ski blog of Dec 17, sending a snow wish to Santa and I urged Ullr - the god of winter, to bring it. So you are welcome.

For those of you complaining about winter, snow and shoveling, may I remind you this is New England, we get snow and cold, you need to embrace it. Perhaps take a page from our neighbors to the North. Canadians get winter, they wear long down hooded coats, they drive on icy roads, they ski in super cold temps, and they celebrate winter. Quebec City just held their annual Carnaval - the largest winter carnival in the world that dates back to 1894 - with ice castles, ice bars, snowy parades and a crazy canoe race down the icy St Lawrence Seaway.

Back in November, The Weather Channel decided to name winter storms, much to NOAA and the National Weather Service's disapproval. Call it clever or contrived, their ridiculous roster of alphabetical characterizations has caught on and delivered serious snow for skiers. We won't soon forget Nemo. Euclid and Iago too. Do you suppose Yogi will bring a powder picnic? Will Tritan and Zeus part the sea and the skies to dump even more snow in March or April? Right on cue, here comes Winter Storm Q. stowe-glades.jpg
Photos by Greg Burke of Sunday River from Saddleback, and of Stowe's glade skiing

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