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Longest ski season throwdown showdown


Killington just announced it will stay open for skiing and riding through May 1. Having opened Nov. 2, they are looking to claim 180 days of skiing and riding and the longest ski season in the East. This is a title Killington claimed for many years but backed away from in recent years. Looks like the "Beast of the East" wants to be cool again.

Jay Peak has also joined the skiing-until-May-cool-clan, conditions permitting.

Meanwhile over in Maine, Boyne sister resorts have book-ended duties in recent years to claim the longest season for their New England pass holders with Sunday River opening earliest in the East in October (Oct .14 this season) and sister Sugarloaf closing last. Sugarloaf has pledged to keep going into May; they started the season Nov 21.

Another new player in the "go for May" game is Saddleback in Rangeley, Maine. They too have committed to skiing into May (weekends only).

So Killington, Jay Peak, Saddleback and Sugarloaf are in a showdown, throwdown to be the last one spinning. As for who is "winning?" Who will emerge victorious with the longest ski season? I can tell you right now it's the spring skier who doesn't stow his or her gear. The high elevation mountains are loaded with snow, and if the resorts are giving it a go, you should too. Show your support, and love of the sport, and be cool - go ski this April. And maybe even May.

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